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Недвижимость в Фамагусте

Probably, the greatest investment oppotrunity on the whole island

Цена: 6000000

7144 m2 land: RIGHT ON THE SEA WATER, 100m from “THE AYIA NAPA MARINA” and 200m from the hotel resort of Ayia Thekli (under constr.)
Adjacent on west side is Ayia Thekli chapel (property of church where nothing can be build and block its view)
Good for any kind of investment , hotel, luxury villas, private palace or possibly a tower (see attached land district information and actual fotos).
The above land is listed into a tourist zone and is eligible for an extra 20% on the building density plus all the other incentives that are given for tourist zones such as extra meterage for green areas buyout and/or transfer of extra density from preserved buildings. Also the authorities are discussing to increase the building factors a lot more in order to match the “Marina” density. (High rise buildings etc)

PRICE.... €6 million
Participation in the project can be discussed.

Тип земельный
Тип запроса Покупка
Город Фамагуста
Стоимость 6000000
улица Эмануиль Роиди, центр Кирзис, блок Б, магазин №11
Лимассол, Кипр

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Mob.: +357 99 047700
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