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  Name Price Additional data
Attractive luxury villa for sale in Latchi 1,500,000,00
id 449
Villa on the world class Aphrodite Hills Resort 2,000,000,00
id 280
Stunning 3-Bedroom apartment at Aphrodite Hills 370,000,00
id 279
6-bedroom villa with magnificent views 2,500,000,00
id 261
Junior villa for sale at Aphrodite Hills 990,000,00
id 240
Villa for sale at Polis Chrysochou 590,000,00
id 235
Luxurious villa at Prodromi Village 490,500,00
id 234
Exclusive Villa at Aphrodite Hills 2,500,000,00
id 233
Luxury apartments on the sea 2,620,000,00
id 186
Apartment for rent in Adonis Village, Aphrodite Hills 900,00
id 92
Beautiful 1st floor 1-bed apartment in Aphrodite hills 129,000,00
id 79
Beautiful 3 bed junior villa with a nice garden for long-term rental at Aphrodite hills 1,400,00
id 76
Three bedroom semi-detached villa for rent or sale at Aphrodite Hills 385,000,00
id 70
A beautiful 4-bed villa located on the western plateau of AphroditeHills 899,000,00
id 52
Nice 2-bed garden apartment on the golf course at Helios heights 165,000,00
id 51
Probably the best house in Aphrodite hills 2,995,000,00
id 50
Four bedroom townhouse for sale at Aphrodite Hills 400,000,00
id 41
Two-storey three-bedroom semi-detached townhouse 485,000,00
id 40
2-bed garden apartment for rent in Aphrodite Hills 150,00
id 39
Semi-detached private villa at Aphrodite hills 390,000,00
id 37
New villa in Aphrodite hills 3,900,000,00
id 35
Beautiful 1st floor 3-bed apartment in Aphrodite Hills 290,000,00
id 12
Three Bedroom Appartment in Aphrodite Hills 260,000,00
id 11

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